Thursday, June 2, 2011

gee's grave mistake & betrayal!

1st story : mistake

as stated at the title above, apparently gee hav done sumting very unintelligent & rash without rational thinking!

gee supposed to submit the purchase order (PO) utk CJ sign but the moment msuk ofis, gee was greeted by dis trainee baru (ms. H) yg sgt la pemurah ngn senyuman n was captivated by her. so she go directly n ask ms. H 2 giv the PO to CJ when he got back coz he's not at his desk!!!!!! cn u guys imagine??? gee da link kn diorg!!!! da la ms. H ni duk blakang CJ. sob sob. sob sob. so faa sgt bengang ngn gee & ktrg tgh b'sedih ati skang ni.. pe bole wat, nasi da jd bubur.....

2nd story : betrayal

dis weeken faa nk g b'mlm kat mlaka but ade kenduri kat umah amir & plant superviser ktrg!! so sgt dlm dilemma utk g mlaka @ kenduri coz ktrg nk ajak CJ & other engineer utk g kenduri skali. finally dpt pkai bju kurung!! tp UNexpectedly, gee bole kuarkn statement ' x pe la kalau ifa x g. kte mmg nk g even sorg pn. bole ajak ms. H ke......'
aiii.. da kamcing sgt ngn ms. H skang ni. da de pengganti faa nmpakny.. hmmmmmmmmmm