Monday, March 7, 2011

ini bukan CJ7 okayy

You're just too good to be true..
Can't take my eyes off you..
You'd be like heaven to touch...
I wanna hold you so much...

opsss! tettt!
sapekah? ;)

guyss, dekat mr.P xde eng bbangsa melayu lgsg! not at all okayyy!
but, bak kata ifa " who said, eng bbangsa India from tanah India xmenarik? lagi2 ble die pkai t-shirt? " (ohh, what a pervert ifa! :DD)

sambil bwat keje dgn laptop, mr.CJ tny2 soalan and propose some idea..
siyess nmpk cool and style okayy ;) hehehe..

p/s- sila google lagu lagend sepanjang zaman 'cant take my eyes off of you' ;)- gglicious


  1. ifa je yg ckp cmtu. kat x stuju dgn ifa. no offense lol :D

  2. haha. me & gg also think like dat at the beginning. seyesly!!

  3. kat kne tgk time die tiup rmbut. siyesss! :DD

  4. kate gg layan hindustannnn, ifa plakk, spt yg dikatekan di atas. kat setiaaaaaaaaaaa! hahahaha!