Saturday, May 14, 2011

borg intern 1st visit

few days ago dpt emel from Risza (PSLP ny lecturer la... kalo korg x ingt mmg kejam.)

Dear Nazirah and Zarifah,

Hope you both are progressing well in the industrial training at PlaXXXXX EnXXXX. We are about to meet again for 2nd Industrial visit sometimes in June. However, I have not receive the ITC-B form and your schedule training for the record of SIIU and myself. Therefore, please send the softcopy of the ITC-B form with your training schedule through this email ASAP.

da dpt emel ni pn, ktrg wat bodo je. skali esokny :

Dear Faiz,

I have been trying to contact Nazirah and Zarifah since yesterday.

Appreciate it very much if you can convey the message below to them ASAP because I need urgently the forms and the schedule training before the 2nd visit.

Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

baru la ktrg terhegeh2 nk fax kn form utk 1st visit. gee at least da complete da tp faa x de sign sv pn. lpas 2 baru cuak. dr 30/12/2010, ktrg baru submit borg 2 last week (12/05/2011).

p/s : sori Pn. Risza, ktrg bkan x ingt tp wat2 lpe. hehe. XD. jgn tolak markah utk 2nd visit kk.


  1. gantt chart training and detail tmpt intern tu mcdy